The Best Domain Name

Snagging the best domain name for your site is essential to your company's profits. Names like, and instantly tell buyers what the company is about, creating name recognition and brand awareness. Even if you can't get a million dollar domain name, you can still get a name that will positively reflect your business and build sales. Picking a Domain Name There are several rules of thumb when it comes to selecting an effective domain name. First, the name should relate to your business. Most people can guess what is about. Your customers will often try to guess your domain name if they don't know it offhand. If your competitor has a better domain name than you do, you'll be sending all of your customers their way. Your domain name should be easy to spell. Sites like are easy to spell and pronounce. If your domain name is long or has a complicated pronunciation, people are less likely to remember it. Keep your domain name short and sweet and relate it to your company name. Ed's Carpet Cleaning, for example, would benefit from a domain name like The easier the better. Register the Domain Immediately Even if you don't plan to use it right away, register your domain and stake your claim. If your competitor gets it before you do, you will suffer from lost profits. Don't hesitate. Buy a domain at and own the rights to your business name. Snag the best domain name today.