SUNDAY STEALING: Our 200th Meme: The Imaginary Meme

1. Have you ever peed your pants as an adult?
Sadly, yes! Hahaha! I was laughing so hard I could not control my pee hee hee! Too bad, it happened on our newly-bought chaise which we got from this site:

2. Who do you have a celebrity crush on now? Hmmm, Phillip Phillips I guess!

3. Would you date someone you met online? Nope. Sorry not for me.

4. Do you wear underwear always? Of course!

5. Do you hate yourself at times? Sometimes but I try to love myself more this time.

7. Do you like dirty movies? What dirty movies?

8. Could you believe Josha Ledet was voted off Idol? I'm glad he was voted off, I never liked his screaming voice.

9. When was the last time that you bought a car? End of last year.

10. Have you ever been camping? yes.

11. How many times a day do you go on facebook? More than 3 times I guess harharhar!

12. What was the last movie you saw in a theater? Hmmm, forgotten.

13. Have you ever worried that you'd cut off a limb? wth?

14. Where did you get your last email from? From a friend.

15. Favorite website? Google, I guess.

16. Are you down with ghetto? Nope.

17. Will the world end in fire or ice? Neither.

18. Do you believe in the afterlife? Yes of course!

19. Would you be upset if facebook stopped working? I guess so.

20. How did you start your blog? Some 8 years ago when I got pregnant, was mean to document the milestone of my pregnancy and my growing son.

21. Have you felt that life is like being on a roller coaster? Oh yes I do!

22. Favorite year so far? 2009.

23. Do you consider yourself religious? Super!

24. How do you dress to impress? Never dressed to impress someone, more of dress to impress myself.

25. Have you ever been to Connecticut? Not yet.

26. Do you eat sushi? A lot!

27. Would you smoke pot providing there was no risk or driving involved? Never.

28. What do you think of Idol Winner Phillip Phillips? Hmmm, not really sure if he was deserving of the win but I admire him as an Artist.

29. Do you believe that animals have souls? Yes I do.

30. Who did you last talk to? Share, if you dare. My boys.

31. What is one thing that always annoys you? Dishonesty.

32. Do you believe in a higher being? Absolutely.

33. Have you ever fallen in love with a neighbor? Nope.

34. Any plans for this weekend? Malling, I guess.

35. Would you like to rule your country, if you could? Interesting hehhehe!

36. Do you like watching films about the nature of animals? Sometimes.

37. What's the difference between lust and/or lust? what?

38. Do you have a soul? Yes.

39. One best friend or many good friends? I have both!

40. Do you believe in spontaneous combustion? ok next question, done!

Saturday 9: Self Esteem

1. How was your self esteem growing up? Very high I guess because I thought I could sing well and would even try as many musical instruments as I could such as those with harmony remotes until a Music told me, I was off-key! Boom my confidence hahhaah!

2. Do you ever have a hard time with morals? Nope.

3. Do you eat in bed? If yes, what? Not anymore.

4. What was the last movie you hated and why? Can't remember.

5. Have you ever felt that you lost it all? If yes, explain. At one point in my life.

6. Have you ever been stalked? I guess.

7. Do you believe in 'self help' for problems, or do you prefer therapy? Self-help are okay.

8. What celebrity do you think should make a run for office? Hmmm, Steven Tyler lol!

9. Do you believe in happy endings? (We do. That why this is the last question!) Of course!

No More.

After almost 2 years of no make-up gig, I have come to realize that I no longer want to do Make-Up professionally. Yes, I still want to improve my skills and get myself a degree in one of the best beauty school such as the Regency Beauty Schools, but it would be for myself not because I want to forward in this field. So if you are a close friend and relative, I still accept make-up services with or without fees but for general clients, I don't think I'll ever come back to doing the same thing. I just have too many things in plate right now :). Hmmm, but who knows, I'd change my mind again.

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Saturday 9: That's Why God Made The Radio

1. Did radio play a huge part of your growing up years? Oh yes it did.
2. What is something that you are disappointed about right now? Nothing really.
3. What are you really anticipating right now? My son's 1st Zoo field trip on Thursday, which reminds me, I need to order custom t-shirts for the parents.
4. When was the last time you watched your favorite movie? What is it? Pretty Woman, last month.
5. If you could bring one person back from the dead, who would it be? My husband's biological mom so I could meet her.
6. Who was the last person you hung up on? No one.
7. Does it bother you when meme makers separate questions that could've been combined? no.
8. What is the first animal you would run to see if you went to the zoo? Hmmm, lion.
9. What is the food you always buy at the grocery store that you can't live without? Eggs.

be careful

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