Friday Fillins (251111) we go!
1. As you can see, I do not know anything about cigar brands.
2. Black Friday, soon!
3. I love to buy holiday presents!
4. Surprise gift(s).
5. What's up with our Turkey.
6. Ready to click some checkout button fingertips.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Shop till I drop, tomorrow my plans include sleep and Sunday, I want to Give Thanks!

Personal Injury

I remember my godmother winning a personal injury case caused by repetitive movements of the hands and exposure to Asbestos. She used to be employed in a company which utilize her hands more than 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. She was asking for a departmental transfer because she felt that her fingers were getting numb by the repetitive tasks but they declined until one morning when her right hand felt totally numb and she can't barely hold a single cup of coffee. On the other hand, there was a wide exposure to Asbestos. She consulted an lawyer similar to this Personal Injury lawyer who also handled cases such as this actos cancer lawsuit and they won the case. Although, she took a huge some of money, she could no longer work fulltime as her doctors declared her with a fit to work but with mild disability status and thank God, no Mesothelioma cancer.

Sunday Stealing: The Lower 40 Meme, Part Two

21) Have you ever flown a kite? Yes.
22) Do you wish on your fallen lashes? Yes.
23) Do you consider yourself successful? Almost. Getting There.
24) When was the last time that you made an obscene phone call? Hmmm, never? Lol. Boring me hee hee.
25) Have you ever asked for a pony? Yes.
26) Plans for tomorrow? ME TIME weee!
27) Can you juggle? Yes.
28) Missing someone now? Super.
29) When was the last time you told someone "I love you"? A few hours ago.
30) And truly meant it? Still, a few hours ago.
31) How often do you drink alcohol? Hmmm 3x a month, I guess.
32) How are you feeling today? Melancholic.
33) Have you every tried to write a meme? Yes.
34) Have you ever been fired from a job? Nope.
35) What are you looking forward to? Checking out these garretts metal detectors.
36) Have you ever crawled through a window? Yes.
37) What's the most recent bad meal that you had to endure? Can't remember.
38) Can you handle the truth? Yes.
39) Whose to blame for what's going on? Nobody.
40) What will it take to fix it all up? Somebody.

Friday Fillins (041111) we go!
1. In November, I most look forward to Thanksgiving Celebration plus of course, Black Friday shopping, read: time to look for the Best tablet!
2. TGIF!...phew!
3. It's right there, in the middle of the chaos.
4. The best birthday wish will always be peace of mind.
5. Water can never be mixed with oil.
6. 'Mind your Manners' is what my grandmother used to say!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to movie marathon with my boys, tomorrow my plans include fishing and Sunday, I want to re-charge!