patience is a virtue

I was just complaining to my mom the other day that I am starting to get impatient with my weight loss progress. Yes, I am this close to taking these weight loss pills that work hee hee. You see, it has already been 3 months since I have been religiously following my diet and working out 4-5 times a week still very little progress :(. Oh well, I guess I just have to admit to myself that my metabolism is slower now that I am on my 30s.

maximizing time.

Don't you just hate it when you are in the middle of a conference call, your other phone would ring non-stop or someone would knock on your door? Now, these are the things I am bothered when I am working from home. I know this new schedule has been a blessing but I hope I do not get disturbed in the middle of a meeting especially when it has something to do with my boss. This new schedule is only a trial and they would take it back just in case I won't be able to manage my time wisely.

a quaint home

Last Monday, DH surprised me with a luncheon invite. He was so eager that I had to ask my boss if I could extend for 30 more minutes. Apparently, he discovered this old university that has authentic swiss restaurants. After our quick and heavy lunch, we drove by the area and saw this lovely quaint home with wooden swing sets. Oh boy, it's so picturesque as if I was just looking at a magazine! Too bad, I was not ready with a camera and my iPhone was not charged. Oh well, next time.

iPad or Laptop?

I can't wait for May! Why? Because DS will turn another year older and that means I am gonna receive another gift from DH. Yes, he has started that kind of tradition that each time our son turns a year older, he thinks it is thoughtful to also give a little something to the one who is the reason for our little boy's birth and that would be me :P. At first, I was thinking of getting a DSLR upgrade but these iPad sleeves, particularly these custom iPad sleeves make me want to get an iPAD2!

Although, I honestly need to get another laptop because I think my HP Pavillion has worked triple times than it should and it has started to show signs of retirement hee hee. Anyway, a friend told me about a site which provides price comparison in finding the best prices for laptops. Compare prices for leading brands including Acer, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba laptop computers and even Mac. I think I need to check this out before May just in case I changed my mind to upgrade my laptop instead of getting an iPad2.

A Business Must, reminiscing December

December is such a busy month. I remember when my mom used to still have a food and cake business, December was her busiest month of the year. Of course, it has something to do with the holiday seasons. Hence, as a child we weren't able to spend Christmas as much as others would because by the time Christmas eve strikes, my mom would be too tired to party with us and since we were helping out in the business, we were also tired. Anyways, another thing that I look forward on December are trade show booths. I just love going to food trade shows, walking through trade show displays and truss and being able to taste as much for free the different delicacies being offered by the suppliers.

Speaking of, for those of you who are thinking of putting up tradeshow displays to showcase your food items, dishes or any items, you can check out these table skirts, logo floor mats, banner stands, exhibit booths and Pipe and Drape that could add an omph to your exhibit. These products can also prevent your products by giving them enhancement to your audience. You can get specific measurements at

Life Insurance

Now that we have received an approval for something we have anxiously been waiting for, it is but necessary to handle this blessing from God with care. Seriously, I believe this is a blessing from God and that he is giving us this opportunity to move further, be successful and reach out to others. DH and I made some serious talk as soon as we got the positive outcome. We said that maybe it is the right time to buy a house this time and get this comprehensive life insurance package.

We have a term life insurance quote on hand and for so many years, this Life Insurance company has been handling our Life insurance packages. So far so good, I might say.

I could not believe that we are dealing with serious matters now. The next thing I know we would be talking about our funeral plans, but I hope not too soon. I still clearly remember DH and I were just highschool lovers and we were very spontaneous at that time. Oh how time flies so fast!

Using E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

Smoking has long been known to have negative and harmful effects on one’s health. Among the many diseases that are caused by smoking cigarettes are lung cancer, heart disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and many more. In fact, most countries prohibit any form of advertisement for cigarettes.

Since smokers get addicted to the nicotine in the cigarettes, a lot of smokers are unsuccessful when it comes to quitting smoking. Finally, electronic cigarettes have been developed. Although it was not meant to make smokers quit, it can be a good tool towards that goal.

Since e-cigarettes do not produce smoke or any residue, the smoker immediately gets some health advantages in using it. Their bodies do not have to deal anymore with smoke and tar. Likewise, they will not needlessly affect someone else’s health with secondhand smoke. Those who want to completely quit smoking can gradually decrease the nicotine content in the e-cigarette cartridges that they are using. It is an easy way to slowly wean their bodies off the nicotine dependence.

home on a weekend

I was supposed to checkout the buy one take one sale in one of my favorite accessories shop that also sells tanzanite rings but I decided just to stay at home and finish my blogging to dos. I realized that I might end up buying stuff I do not really need. You know how it is in shops like that, you keep getting stuff you find cute and when you come home, you realized you do not even have an occasion to go to and use them.

Dentist Schedule

When it comes to dental care and hygiene, I could be very meticulous. In fact, I have a dental plan and see to it to brush my son's teeth 3 times a day, even though his dentist advised me to brush it twice a day only. No matter how sleepy he is at night, I really force him to brush his teeth.

As for my own dental hygiene, my mom made sure that we always go to the dentist on a regular basis. Our health plan has a dental discount plan as part of the coverage. This may be the reason why I hated tooth decays and have been very critical on my (even others) smell of breath. Who wouldn't? I just simply hate awful body odors and bad breath.

However, my teeth are not as white as they seem to be and I used to wear braces in highschool which I am really thankful now. My friend H and I would often talk about our plan on getting porcelain veneers for our teeth. Yes, they seem to be very expensive but your smile's gonna be worth it with those new porcelain veneers. But, there are dental offices that offer this service with affordable rates. I hope to get mine soon and I'd be very proud flashing my new smile with porcelain veneers. Happy Humpday!